Ping Xiao (canelim) capsules

Ping Xiao tablets may save your life!
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Ping Xiao tablets are Miracle anti-Cancer Herbal Formula

Ping Xiao (Canelim) tablets

Recent medical studies concluded that a significant number of herbal therapies are effective in cancer treatment.

Ping Xiao tablets also known as Canelim are first Chinese anti-cancer herbal formula to be officially authorized and produced in China.



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  • Ping Xiao tablets are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been successfully used in combination with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for more than 4 decades.

    Ping Xiao (Canelim) tablets has proven efficiency in:

    • Prolonging the patients' life and improving life quality
    • Inhibiting tumor growth and metastasis
    • Reducing tumor size
    • Increasing the patients’ immunity
    • Enhancing sensitivity of anoxic cells to chemical medicine and radiotherapy
  • Relieving symptoms association with chemotherapy and radiotherapy

No toxicity or significant side effects*, can be used in a long term.
* Slight stomach upset occasionally seen in some patients.

The most notable success reported in the treatment of Prostate Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Lung Cancer, Esophagus Cancer, Gynecological Tumor, Bile Duct Cancer, Gallbladder Cancer, Nasopharyngeal (upper part of the throat) Cancer, Oophoroma (ovarian tumor), Oral Cavity and Lip Cancer, Carcinoma of Kidney, Bone Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Cancers of Digestive and Respiratory System, Brest Cancer (mammary gland hyperplasia) as well as other types of tumors and cancers.

Ping Xiao fits for all stages of cancer, either alone or in combination with standard treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
It shrinks the tumor, so it is easier to be removed by surgery.
Also it’s good for maintenance in the intermission of treatment or after surgery, or as the main treatment when the cancer comes to a terminal stage that none of conventional treatments are applicable.

Radix Curcumae
Fructus Aurantii
Herba Agrimoniae
Wu Ling Zhi
Resnia Toxicodendri
Herba Agrimoniae
Semen Strychni Pulveratum

Oral, 4-8 tablets each time, 3 times daily. 30 days per course (apr. 6 bottles) free shipping for 4 or more bottles. May be used along with the operative therapy, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. One course of treatment requires 6 bottles of Canelim (Ping Xiao) capsules.
3 courses (with 2-4 weeks pause between them) are recommended for best results.

80 tabs per bottle

Ping Xiao (Canelim) has been won many titles, among them Reliable Product by China Medicinal Institute, National Protective Product of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Second Prize of Science-tech Achievements by the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Excellent-quality Product by the State's Medical Administration Bureau, Shaanxi Famous Product etc. It is unique ant-cancer and anti-tumor drug manufactured under the supervision of China Anticancer Institute, and also a sole Class A traditional Chinese anti-cancer medicine listed in the catalogue of the State's Basic Medicinal Insurance Drugs.


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