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Ping Xiao tablets are Miracle anti-Cancer Herbal Formula

Ping Xiao (Canelim) tabs.

Here are clinical facts about using Ping Xiao (Canelim) tabs provided by the manufacturer.

Typical clinical results

• Shaanxi Trditional Chinese Medicine Institute has put Ping Xiao/canelim capsule into the treatment of all forms of cancers, leading to an efficient rate 64.5% among 180 patients.


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•The First Hospital attached to the Fourth Military University has pursued its application in the therapy of malignant tumor for over 20 years. Looking into the observed 500 cases, it concludes that Canelim/Ping Xiao can not only greatly improve symptoms and lives, but disperse some suffers malignant tumor, especially for those with pulmonary cancer. Following those 22 patients with such cancer, 6 of them have lived over 15 years.

• Zhang Wenli, a clinician in radiotherapy department of Yun Nan Tumor Hospital, reported that according to the 668 clinical cases from 1994 till now Canelim/Ping Xiao capsule manifests high efficacy of 89.67% in the treatment of mastopathy, in which optimum effect in mammary lobular hyperplasia, breast pain and pimeloma of breast reaches up to 93.31%. Furthermore, this drug can produce a good curability to breast cancer during the recovery period and nipple discharge.

•In Longhua hospital, Shu Guang hospital and Rui Jin hospital, Shanghai, 150 patients who are suffering from malignant pulmonary cancer have been treated with Canelim/Ping Xiao and a close observation has been performed. As a result, this drug shows an evident improvement in clinical symptoms and a 82.86% total effective rate. Further, it also can promote patients' immune function and life quality by a 90.48% stable rate.

Typical clinical cases

Wang Yuwen Female 10 years old
Hospital: Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital
Clinic No: 232516
Due to a phyma on her right neck for 2 years and ophthalmoptosis of right eye for 10 days, the patient was made a definite diagnosis of very serious malignant lymphoma by a biopsy on Nov. 10, 1993, while this demonstration came from a consultative report of a tumor hospital "the right neck lymphonodus-non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, diffusion type, division-non-division ( consultation No. 93-3089).
Physical examination: the patient had a surgical operation scar on right neck and right eyeball ophthalmoptosis.
CT film: it appears that right inner orbit has been occupied by the soft tissue; the right eyeball clinging to the focurs was squeezed outwardly; papyraceous lamina of the right orbit is suspended as bone absorption; the upper posterior wall of nasopharynx became slightly thickened.
COMP program: CT × 400 mg iv., VCR lmg iv., MT × 200mg, pred 100mg tid . P.O.X × 14days.
For the chemotherapy reaction too strong to be born by the child, she did refuse to cooperate with doctor. Under this situation, Ping Xiao (canelim) capsules alone were taken at a dose of 4 capsules 3 times daily. After 10 months of administration, re-examination reported that lymphonodus on the right neck was not touched and appearance of right eyeball ophthalmoptosis disappeared. CT film indicated the shadow of soft tissue in the right orbit generally vanished, bone substance of skull base is intact, any evident lymphadenectasis on both sides of her neck were not fund and the occupancy of the soft tissue in the upper posterior wall of nasopharynx also withdrew.
Considering those reasons, such as the child's age and blindness and other after effects caused by radio therapy and almost vanished focus, the girl has continuously had the medicine and is enjoying a normal life and education for more than 5 years without any tumor and adverse reaction.

Mr. Liu, Male, 58 years old.
Hospital: Qingdao Tumor Hospital.
Symptoms: the patient's cough was resulted from cold and fever. After a period of therapy with antibiotics and antiphlogistic, his condition and cough became even more serious, his sputum mixed blood.
Chest x-ray examination: 4 × 3cm shadow in the upper-right lung.
Diagnosis: Pulmonary cancer.
When hospitalized, 2 × 3cm pleiades was found in the patient's right supraclavicular part.
The report of biopsy: transferred poor differentiation squamous cell carcinoma.
Treatment: radiotherapy in association with Ping Xiao/canelim capsules ( 6 capsules, 3 times daily).
After one course of the treatment, the patient's symptoms of coughing blood stopped, body temperature kept normal and clinical symptoms completely remitted after the radiotherapy.
Chest x-ray examination: the phyma in the lung generally disappeared. The clavicular lymphonodus vanished. After leaving the hospitalization, the patient takes Ping Xiao/canelim capsules successively. He is still alive while being visited.

Ping Xiao (Canelim) capsules are:

  • Effective as a anti-tumor therapy to shrink tumors before surgery or radiation therapy
  • Good as a mono therapy when conventional therapies are exhausted
  • Reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy therapy
  • Non-toxic and therefore suitable for long term use
  • Compared to conventional therapies, cost effective


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